Drawing inspiration from more than three centuries of Arizona winemaking, Winery 1912 is a distinctive brand dedicated to representing everything that makes the region’s wines so unique. Owned by John and Brighid McLoughlin, Winery 1912 seeks to celebrate the complex flavors and to define the characteristics of the state’s best wine grapes. With two heritage wines that each capture the heart and soul of Arizona winemaking, Winery 1912 has emerged as one of the top winemakers in the Southwest.



A Brand Built on Arizona’s Rich History of Winemaking

While many people may envision the rolling green hills of Napa when imagining winemaking in the American West, Arizona has its own long standing legacy of winemaking. This desert state welcomed its first wine grapes in 1690 when Jesuit priests arrived with Vinifera plants. By the time Arizona was declared a U.S. state in 1912, its rocky terrain had already been home to generations of talented winemakers. 

It is this rich heritage and state pride that inspire the creators of Winery 1912 wines, with each bottle expertly crafted to stand proudly among the best Arizona wines. Winery 1912 sources its grapes from the largest and most diverse vineyard in the state, first planted nearly 20 years ago.


Crafting Impeccable Wines Sourced from a Pioneering Arizona Vineyard

Despite the challenging landscape of the Arizona desert, the region offers a surprisingly ideal environment for growing a delicious variety of grapes. Dragoon Mountain Vineyard in Wilcox, Arizona, has flourished in the state’s southeast region for nearly two decades. Home to an incredibly diverse variety of wine grapes, Dragoon Mountain Vineyard is also the trusted source for all Winery 1912 grapes. 

Stretching over more than 150 acres, the high-altitude vineyard provides an unparalleled growing environment. Winery 1912 uses 100 percent estate-grown grapes, sustainably farmed and rich in distinctive flavor from the region’s unique soil composition. At Dragoon Mountain Vineyard, the ideal conditions nurture a thriving harvest of wine grapes for Winery 1912’s two signature wines. 


Two Exceptional Heritage Wines for the Discerning Wine Lover

Winery 1912 has always maintained a dedicated focus on highlighting the flavors and characteristics that make the Arizona wine grape stand apart from others from around the world. Using a balance of impressive skill and ingrained instincts, the brand’s winemaker crafts each wine with the utmost care and consideration. With two heritage wines to choose from, Winery 1912 presents a pair of incredible flavor profiles that are purely Arizona-grown.


  • Winery 1912 Heritage Red

Comprised of a delicate, soothing blend of fruity and savory notes, the Heritage Red from Winery 1912 delivers a complex flavor journey in every sip. You’ll immediately pick up black currant, dried strawberry, and fresh-cut basil on the nose, with the gentlest hint of cocoa for a decadent undertone. Herbs and bay offer savory elements, while rich baking spices and a touch of brushed leather usher in the taste of ripe raspberry and fig. The subtle earthy qualities and plump tannin make the Heritage Red a welcome addition to any collection.


  • Winery 1912 Heritage White

Crisp, vibrant, and refreshing, Winery 1912’s Heritage White is a symphony of fresh flavors like lemongrass, white peach, and citrus. The wine’s nose conjures visions of honeysuckle and baby carrots, intertwined with juicy tangerine and distinctly tangy yeast. Sweet fruity and acidity coexist in a perfect balance, while a hint of cream and oolong tea rounds out the delightful floral notes of the Heritage White. 


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