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Since 1982 Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers have contributed more than $500 million to promote alcohol responsibility. We are committed to many community outreach and consumer awareness & education programs that are having a positive and significant impact. Below are some of the current programs we have in place that demonstrate our commitment to alcohol responsibility and education.

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Family Talk

Family Talk About Drinking, a program that helps parents talk to their kids about alcohol, underage drinking and responsible choices. More than just a set of rules, Family Talk About Drinking is a supportive community that allows parents to learn new ideas, share stories, and ask questions about how best to tackle the problem of underage drinking.

Please visit the Family Talk About Drinking website to learn more.

 Good Sport

The Good Sport program is geared toward sports venues with a message to be a “Good Sport” and drink responsibly by designating a driver. Through the use of site-specific messages on Good Sport banners, public service announcements and implementation of the overall program, including give-away merchandise, Hensley and the participating arena concessionaires successfully convey the importance of alcohol responsibility. Some of these venues include University of Phoenix Stadium, Peoria Sports Complex and other spring training facilities, etc.

The Arizona Cardinals, Bud Light and TEAM Coalition partner to promote responsible drinking at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ encouraging fans to become designated drivers. Each year, nearly 10,000 fans over 21 years of age, pledge not to drink alcohol at the game, and promise to provide safe transportation from the game for their group.

 Driver License Booklets

Hensley provides thousands of complimentary copies of the Drivers License Guide to our retailers, local police departments, state universities, sports arenas and city agencies for use in verifying legal and current driver license types for all 50 U.S. states, Canada and other provinces. Hensley also provides wristbands to be used at special events, sporting events, etc. Once the legal age of the consumer is confirmed, these wristbands act as verification for the retailer that the consumer is of legal drinking age.

Professional Speakers

Hensley sponsors various Anheuser-Busch authorized speakers of programs that focus on helping teens avoid the danger and consequences of underage, illegal use of our products or driving under the influence. These hard-hitting and sometimes graphic presentations drive the point home to teens about the aftermath of making one bad decision that could lead to permanent and life altering consequences.

Check out the new video from Certified Parent Coach MJ Corcoran on the Anheuser-Busch YouTube Page. An engaging and highly sought-after speaker, Corcoran offers stunning insights into the minds of children and teens, and shows how the simple act of better communication can prepare kids to make smart decisions about underage drinking.


Hensley places “Enjoy Responsibly” ads in various local publications in an attempt to educate the public about their role in making responsible decisions about alcohol. Hensley also provides the alcohol responsibility message through many mediums including print, radio, television, billboards, etc.

Server Training

We host TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) server training programs at our facility for our retail customers. We also sponsor the Arizona Business Council for Alcohol Education, an organization that trains more than 10,000 alcohol servers a year on how to prevent over-consumption and that promotes alcohol responsibility.

Community Partnerships

Hensley Beverage Company partners with many organizations to promote alcohol responsibility. We are proud to partner with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Arizona and pleased to support their efforts in the prevention of underage drinking, as well as helping children make a healthy and safe transition into legal-age adults, who, if they choose to drink, do so responsibly. Other organizations we are proud to partner with include AZLTA- Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association, ASU, Next Step Foundation- Team Brandon, LAFB, various police departments, and many more.


Some Stats:

  • Drunk Driving Fatalities down 53%.
  • Parents are the #1 INFLUENCE on their teen’s decision whether or not to drink.
  • 93% of Adults believe it’s a good thing that A-B provides servers ID checking training.
  • 93% of all media placed by alcohol companies meet the industry’s standards.

For more info please visit alcoholstats.com

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