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NÜTRL creates quality canned cocktails with pure ingredients. These products are popular because they offer a low-calorie, delicious, vegan, and low-carb alcohol beverage perfect for consumers looking for something refreshing. NÜTRL vodka beverages are gluten-free and only one hundred calories. They contain real fruit juice, vodka, and seltzer water.

Today’s discerning consumers want beverages that contain high-quality ingredients with fewer calories and a more health-conscious profile. NÜTRL crafts a line of beverages with these consumers in mind.


NÜTRL offers an array of appealing flavors packaged in convenient variety packs. These crowd-pleasing variety packs are ideal for parties, events, and outdoor activities like golfing and fishing. For retailers, stocking NÜTRL variety packs allows you to offer attractively packaged alcoholic beverages for customers looking for something light, fresh, and modern.

Fruit Variety Pack

The NÜTRL Fruit Variety Pack features four flavors with simple ingredients. Flavors include Pineapple, Watermelon, and Mango. These refreshing vodka seltzers are made with real fruit juice and offer a light, refreshing taste. Fruit-flavored seltzer beverages are popular year-round and even better when a mix of flavors is available.

Pineapple 4pk (700ml Recloseable)

With a tantalizing tropical taste and convenient recloseable 700ml cans, this 4-pack is perfect for any adventure. Don’t settle for boring drinks – experience the excitement of NÜTRL Pineapple!

Watermelon 4pk

Craving a refreshing hard seltzer that hits the spot anytime? NÜTRL Watermelon has got you covered. With its deliciously juicy taste, this 4-pack is perfect no matter the season. Sip on the satisfying goodness of NÜTRL Watermelon and quench your thirst today!

Orange 4pk (New Flavor!)

Get ready for a tantalizingly tasty and refreshing beverage with NÜTRL Orange Hard Seltzer. Perfect for any time of year, its invigorating citrus flavor will quench your thirst and lift your spirits.

Lemonade Variety Pack

NÜTRL also carries a lemonade variety pack, ideal for hot summer days on the river, at the beach, or featured at a backyard barbecue. These lemonade flavors are tasty yet light, with simple ingredients that appeal to a health-conscious crowd who doesn’t want to be weighed down with extra calories or unnecessary ingredients.

Flavors in the Lemonade Variety Pack include Classic, Blackberry, Peach, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Classic Lemonade 4pk

Craving a classic lemonade that’s both refreshing and delicious? Look no further than NÜTRL’s Classic Lemonade 4-pack. Made with the finest ingredients and without any extra calories, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to indulge in the classic taste of lemonade.

Cranberry Variety Pack

Cranberry and vodka are a popular match and a classic choice of cocktails for many. It makes sense to offer a vodka seltzer beverage with this combination. NÜTRL takes it further by offering

their light and refreshing cranberry and vodka combo in various flavors, adding variety, flavor, and fun to their Cranberry Variety Pack.

This variety pack includes Classic Cranberry, Cranberry-Apple, Cranberry-Orange, and Cranberry-Grapefruit. Like the other variety packs, the Cranberry Variety Pack is low on calories and contains real fruit juice and premium vodka. The pack is gluten-free and vegan.

Find Reliable NÜTRL Wholesale Beverage Distribution in Arizona

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer beverages are ideal for adults who want to enjoy alcoholic beverages with simple ingredients. These canned vodka seltzers appeal to people who may have dietary restrictions. NÜTRL beverages are vegan and gluten-free. People who are carb and calorie-conscious will love NÜTRL for its 100-calorie, low-carb profile. Vodka, seltzer, and real fruit juice are the main ingredients. But what wins people over is the refreshing taste and flavor variety.

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