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The red and copper-colored mountains of Sedona, Arizona set the perfect scene to sit back and enjoy the beautiful Spanish and Iberian wines and exquisite blends grown in the rugged terrain of Willcox, AZ at Dragoon Mountain Vineyard. AZ wine history dates back to the late 1500’s when the Jesuits first brought vines from Spain to plant the vineyards that would provide Sacrament wine. Father Eusebio Kino’s footsteps across southeast Arizona, awakened the state’s largest and most desirable growing area. Imagine what it must be like. The parching hot days and blissfully cool nights at this beautiful and diverse Arizona vineyard set in an ancient caldera at a staggering 4300’ altitude. Wine grapes flourish in the mineral-rich soils and rest comfortably in the 40-degree diurnal swing. In 2016, Willcox was awarded a Federally recognized AVA. This was funded, researched, and written entirely by winemaker John McLoughlin.

Winery 1912 Heritage Wines

These wines were created exclusively for Hensley Beverage Company. At a dinner with a good friend and long time fan of John’s an idea was born. Winery 1912 had the most beautiful label that was warm, inviting and without a doubt, entirely Arizona and Hensley was seeking a true Arizona wine that satisfied the growing demand for a quality, locally produced wine at a comfortable price point. It was important to Hensley to create an authentic Arizona wine from a trusted winemaker and vineyard. Together they built the perfect wine for Hensley’s portfolio of choice Arizona offerings suitable for their discerning purveyors.

1912 Heritage White Blend

100% Dragoon Mountain Vineyard grapes

A Chardonnay-driven blend with smaller amounts of Semillon and Riesling. Fresh & vibrant on the pallet with aromas of honeysuckle & tangerine and flavors of citrus, white peach & lemongrass.

1912 Heritage Red Blend

100% Dragoon Mountain Vineyard Grapes

A Zinfandel-driven blend with smaller amounts of Petite Verdot and Barbera. Rich & smooth on the pallet with aromas of black currant & fresh basil with earthy tannins, soft baking spices and ripe raspberry & rich fig flavors.

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December 28, 2020