Elevated IPA

A massive IPA put Albuquerque, New Mexico’s La Cumbre Brewing on the map. But Jeff Erway, La Cumbre’s founder and brewer, likes to focus as much on fine-tuned classic styles (a Hefeweizen, a Pilsner, a foreign-style Stout) as he does on show-stopping hop bombs. “The auto industry and computer industry always have to push the boundaries, they always have to advance,” Erway says. “I don’t necessarily think brewers do. Certain beers were perfect 50 years ago, and they’re pretty damn perfect nowadays. What we bring to the table, in New Mexico at the very least, are these classic styles, done, hopefully, better than anybody has tasted before.”

At La Cumbre, we are a brand focused on four (4) key areas, which are: SUSTAINABILITY, CANNING, FACILITY DESIGN and QUALITY.

SUSTAINABILITY: Brewing the finest beer available is our first priority. We realize nothing matters without that, but a second priority is our stewardship to planet Earth. As such, we focus on improvements to better our beer and treat our environment with the respect it requires.

CANNING: Canning is key for beer quality. We commissioned our second canning line in 2012. We utilize cans because they are recyclable. Additionally, when empty, cans weigh 1% of what bottles do. When full, they weigh only ½ the weight of a full bottle of equal size. Quality and the environment work well together.

FACILITY DESIGN: ​When we ​reviewed​ our facility in 2010, ​we designed the most efficient building​ in the world of brewing​. Since that time​, ​we​ ​continuously invest in equipment that specifically reduces our ​carbon ​footprint and water usage​. We even use photovoltaic solar cells, ​which offsets energy usage by a 1/3rd​. We care about the envirnment as much as we care about our fine beers.

BEER QUALITY: ​The quest to make the greatest beer available is a noble one. Budgetary restrictions have nothing to do with that quest. Advertising and branding campaigns don’t either. The equipment you use needs to be of a high quality to accomplish the goal. Ingredients need to be carefully chosen. But intentions are paramount. Experience and expertise are essential to La Cumbre Brewing.

La Cumbre Brewery & Tap Room
3313 Girard NEAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Open every day at Noon–Close

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October 24, 2017