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Two boot-strapping entrepreneurs, David and Elizabeth Smith, sold the company they spent 13 years building. Soon after they embarked on the trip of a lifetime aboard a catamaran sailboat throughout the Caribbean to fulfill a life-long dream. They took their children out of school and home-schooled them on the boat while exploring every island from St. Thomas to Granada. But the need to stay alert through warm nights brought them to cold-brewed coffee and they realized they had another great idea on their hands: an ice-cold, premium coffee that could be convenient and portable.

And here we are, cold-brewing beautiful Fair Trade Arabica beans over time, not heat, for the pure, smooth flavor with none of the acidity of your average joe. Our lightweight cans are palm-sized, made for you to grab and go so you can find out what’s out there, risk it all, and build something all your own. Because we truly believe: there are no bad days when you follow your dreams!

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March 15, 2016