We are so excited to introduce the next big innovation from Bud Light: the Bud Light MIXXTAILs — a new line of cocktail-inspired beverages that offer consumers new and delicious flavors. There are three MIXXTAIL flavors now available in Arizona: Long Island Iced Tea, Hurricane, and a red hot–cinnamon apple cocktail called Firewalker. These bold cocktail tastes are perfect for wherever the night takes you. What’s your MIXX?!

Long Island MIXXTAIL


A smoother take on the classic Long Island Iced Tea with a refreshing citrus finish.

Hurricane MIXXTAIL


An easy drinking version of the classic Hurricane that mices bold fruit flavors with a  smooth finish.

Firewalker MIXXTAIL


A MIXXTAIL original that combines red hot cinnamon with crisp apple for a refreshing finish.

For more information on the NEW Bud Light MIXXTAILs, please click here. You can also join in on the conversation and share your experience by using #BRINGTHEBAR. Cheers!