Soplica is a traditional wheat vodka produced by Europeans and cherished by generations.

Soplica is the perfect combination of pure traditional experience and rigorous production process with the most modern technology, based on natural resources. One of the most recognized and oldest spirit brands in Poland, Soplica is the brainchild of Boleslaw Kasperowitz, who produced the first bottle back in 1891. Today, Soplica still uses the original recipe which combines a perfect balance of golden grains from Western Poland and craft production process. Soplica vodka is distilled 5 times with Golden Rye and is filtered 11 times through birch charcoal filters with leading European technology. That is why every single drop of Soplica vodka brings pleasant fragrance and distinctive taste.

Soplica Vodka is a high quality vodka with a perfectly delicate flavor and aroma. Its exceptionally noble character results from a combination of cherished by generations excellent traditional recipes and craftsmanship of production based on the purest Polish grains.

Hensley Beverage Company is proud to carry this delicious age tested Vodka throughout Arizona beginning July of 2017. Look for Soplica Vodka at an Arizona retailer near you!