Hensley Beverage Company/Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch proudly support the Friendly House Tamale Dinner held annually at Corona Ranch.  Friendly House is a non-profit organization that began more than 92 years ago and has a mission of helping our community. This social service agency assists individuals at any stage in life and provides services that include; immigration, a charter school, family services, adult education, workforce development and homecare for the elderly and disabled. From the early days of helping several hundred families a year to now serving thousands of people each year, Friendly House continues to lead the way as a provider of human services for those most in need in our community.

The Tamale Dinner was started as a way to raise much needed funds for the agency.  The event was the first of its kind.  It all started with families who decided to help Friendly House by making tamales that would be sold to the public to raise funds.  Since then, this tradition of giving has helped the agency accrue critical funds to support the programs and services it provides the community. For more information on the Tamale Dinner and the Friendly House, please click here.

Raul Espericueta was recently hired as the new President and CEO of Friendly House and has been transforming the agency with new ideas and programming.  Friendly House is an advocate for the Latino community that promotes unity and, when appropriate, challenges divisive legislation and promoting unity, especially as it relates to the boycotting of our community.

Hensley Beverage Company/Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch have been supporting Friendly House for over 30 years and have seen the organization grow. Raul Espericueta, President and CEO, remarks “Hensley Beverage Company has been a true advocate, supporter, and friend to the mission of Friendly House.   Hensley’s community relations team delivers not only financial resources to benefit our programs but, more importantly, they embrace our cause and the good we do.  As a long-standing Arizona non-profit, Friendly House considers our relationship with Hensley a great privilege.”