For more than three decades, Boulevard Brewing Co. has been redefining the age-old concept of the great American beer. Now, the brand is harnessing their passion for pushing the boundaries of tradition and venturing into vastly unexplored territory in the world of premium beverages: canned craft cocktails. With the recent launch of Fling Craft Cocktails, Boulevard Brewing Co. has once again shown why they’re known as one of the best breweries in America.

An impeccably made craft cocktail in a can might sound like an impossibility, especially for those who count themselves as true cocktail connoisseurs.  But from the first sip to the last, these premium pre-made cocktails taste exactly like something created by an expert mixologist, with all the added convenience of a canned beverage. True to the Boulevard Brewing Co. legacy of excellence, each of the Fling Craft Cocktails flavors is designed to be an exceptional experience in every sense of the world. 

Named for the idea that a truly delicious cocktail has the power to fling you to some of the most desirable corners of the world, the recently-debuted Fling Craft Cocktails has already made a lasting impression on beverage lovers everywhere. High-quality spirits and carefully curated natural flavors come together in these four distinct ready-to-drink craft cocktails that have everyone buzzing:


Blood Orange Vodka Soda

With a fresh citrus spin that will transport you directly to the Italian coast, Blood Orange Vodka Soda is the summertime beverage you’ll want to sip all year long. The perfect balance of 360 Vodka and soda water is highlighted by a splash of blood orange, delightfully refreshing and subtly sweet. Plus, with just 100 calories and less than 2.5 grams of carbohydrates, this Fling Craft Cocktails blend is completely guilt-free.



All the flavors of a classic craft margarita are captured in the Fling Craft Cocktails Margarita beverage. Combining sweet, sour, and salty notes for a modern take on a longtime beverage favorite. Made with Mean Mule American Agave spirit, this pre-made margarita has a deliciously distinct edge over any other option out there. 


Mai Tai

Don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to don an old-school Hawaiian shirt after cracking open the Mai Tai by Fling Craft Cocktails. This tropical-inspired blend melds notes of orange, lime, almond, and a hint of spice, all woven together with Virgin Islands rum for a beverage worthy of an island paradise.


Cucumber Lime Gin and Tonic

The inspiration behind the Cucumber Lime Gin and Tonic was sparked by the time-honored tradition of London’s unofficial beverage of choice, the classic gin and tonic. The complex floral aromas of Builders Botanical Gin make a perfect pairing with tonic, while an invigorating burst of cucumber and lime put an exciting new spin on an iconic cocktail.


Expand Your Beverage Horizons with Fling Craft Cocktails

Whether you consider yourself a die-hard drink traditionalist or love keeping up on the latest beverage trends, there’s no question about it – Fling Craft Cocktails are changing the way people enjoy mixed drinks, and they’re here to stay. Get ahead of the curve and stock up on all four flavors of Fling Craft Cocktails today, keeping you on the right side of beverage history.

Wondering where to buy Fling Craft Cocktails? As one of the top beverage distributors in Arizona, Hensley has you covered. We carry all four flavors of Fling Craft Cocktails and are prepared to supply you with all the deliciously crisp, impeccably crafted canned cocktails you need. For more information and to purchase Fling Craft Cocktails, contact us today.


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