Dear wine lovers, we have something new for you: canned bubbly by BABE Wines. Founded by a team of social media stars who know a thing or two about good wine, the BABE Wines brand has debuted a lineup of premium canned wines that make enjoying wine that much more simple and fun. Featuring a crisp rosé, light pinot grigio, and classic red, their series of bubbly wines is the hottest new beverage you’re sure to see everywhere this summer.

This Summer, Swap Out Your Wine Glass for Wine in a Can 

Sure, there are plenty of great red wines out there, and finding a solid summertime rosé or pinot grigio isn’t exactly impossible. But why limit yourself to the same old, boring wines when you could upgrade to the best sparkling wines, packaged in a slim can for easy enjoyment anytime, anywhere? You don’t have to worry about “no glass allowed” rules at the pool any longer!

Forget limiting yourself to a wine glass, because BABE Wines are designed to fit right into whatever you have planned this summer. Whether you’re planning on a girls’ day at the beach, kicking back poolside, or treating yourself to some well-deserved self-care in the form of a bubble bath and wine, the crisp, enjoyable bubbly wines in a can by BABE Wines are an absolute must. You’re no basic bore, so your wine shouldn’t be either.

From your first sip of BABE Wines, you’ll discover why it’s become the hottest adult beverage of the summer, earning serious Insta-fame status thanks to its chic style, fresh flavor, and party-ready packaging. Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski is the face of BABE Wines and the brand’s Official Chief of Taste, so you can be confident that you’re in good company while you’re sipping your canned bubbly.

Wine in a Can in Three Deliciously Bubbly Varieties


There’s a BABY Wines canned beverage for every occasion and preference, all pairing perfectly with anything and everything you can possibly think of:

  • BABE Grigio is up there with the best pinot grigio on the market, serving up a subtly sweet, fruity flavor and just the right amount of bubbles to cool you off even on the hottest summer day. 
  • BABE Red is perfect for the wine traditionalist who wants to shake things up. This delicious, bubbly combination of Syrah and Cabernet is the sultry blend you never knew you needed and now can’t live without.
  • BABE Rosé is a modern take on a summertime classic, crafted by the best rosé wine experts out there for your maximum enjoyment. One thing’s for certain – this rosé is anything but basic.

With unparalleled flavor, refreshing bubbles, and a solid 12 percent ABV, BABE Wines is definitely a canned wine triple threat – and did we mention that three cans are the equivalent of a full bottle of wine? Get ready to make some seriously epic summer memories.

Start Living the BABE Lifestyle this Summer


The BABE Wines brand is more than the best canned wine on the market – BABE drinkers are changing the world of wine for the better, kicking stuffy, old-fashioned attitudes to the curb and simply focusing on having a good time. If you’re searching for a wine that can keep up with you in the pursuit of fun, there’s no better option than BABE Wines. 

Bubbly, fresh, and perfect for enjoying anywhere the party takes you, BABE Wines pinot grigio, red, and rosé wine in a can is the ultimate summertime sidekick. Find it now in convenience stores and bars near you, and raise a glass to your newest beverage obsession.