Rising temperatures and longer, sunnier days can only mean one thing: it’s finally summer and time to mix it up with the best summertime cocktails. But before you fire up the frozen margarita machine and start thinking of new ways to get creative with warm weather drinks, there’s one thing you’ll need to do first. When it comes to mixing up your best-ever summer drinks, choosing a top-quality tequila is non-negotiable. The wrong tequila can throw off all the good summertime vibes, while the right one can mean smooth sailing on even the hottest of days.

So, which tequila should you stock up on this summer? If you’re looking for something with premium flavor, impeccable ingredients, and incredible smoothness, there’s only one tequila you’ll need: 3 Amigos.

3 Amigos Tequila: From the Gonzalez Family to Yours

One of the defining characteristics of 3 Amigos Tequila is the family behind each and every bottle. Led by The Gonzalez Brother (Santiago, Eleno, and Atanacio), sons of Francisco and Ramona Gonzalez, multiple generations of the Gonzalez family have come together to create a tequila that lives up to their core values and high standards.

With a story that is rooted in the Highlands region of Jalisco, Mexico, the family of farmers believes firmly in the value of integrity, hard work, and solid character. These same values have long guided the farming, harvesting, and production processes behind 3 Amigos Tequila, committed to providing customers with nothing less than the very best. Forget the mass-market tequilas created by faceless brands who aren’t invested in the customer experience – when you buy 3 Amigos Tequila, you’re considered part of the Gonzalez extended family.

A Time-Honored Tequila Tradition

To make the best tequila, you must begin with the best agave – and the Gonzalez family has always known that. For more than four generations, their family has dedicated themselves to farming 100 percent blue Weber agave, putting in the time and effort at every stage to ensure the ultimate in quality. Thanks to unparalleled expertise and countless decades of experience, the Gonzalez farm has earned a well-respected reputation for being the very best.

Of course, to grow premium agave, the land also has to take part in the process. On the gently inclined slopes of the Los Altos region of Jalisco, the Gonzalez family land is rich with red, fertile soil. The crops are farmed using 100 percent organic methods, free from the synthetic chemicals and hormones that are found all too often in other agave crops.

When it comes time to harvest, highly-skilled jimadores take great care in shaving the agave from its leaves, which is then cooked in small batches for several hours. After the cooking process is complete, the agaves are placed in a juicer for extraction, resulting in un-distilled tequila. Every bottle of 3 Amigos Tequila – whether it’s Anejo, Reposado, or Blanco – is distilled not once, but twice, then bottled immediately to maintain purity.

The Versatility of Premium Tequila

When you consider all the ways to use a truly premium-quality tequila, it becomes obvious that you should always have some on hand. 3 Amigos Tequila plays equally well in frozen, shaken, and stirred cocktails, serving as the perfect base to an array of refreshing flavors. From a traditional margarita with 3 Amigos Tequila Blanco to creative mix-ins like green chile, pineapple, strawberry, or jalapeño, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Prefer a classic Paloma or tequila sunrise? Once again, 3 Amigos Tequila has you covered.

No matter how you choose to mix things up this summer, make sure 3 Amigos Tequila has a prime spot on your shelf.