Wine On Tap – The Environmentally Friendly Way to Enjoy Wine This Summer

Summer in Arizona is here, and as the temperatures skyrocket, so does the size of our carbon footprint. If you’re looking for ways to be more...

Mother’s Day Feature: Merry Edwards Winery

One of the first women to graduate from the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology, and the last graduate student to study with Professor...

Caraccioli Cellars’ Perfect Summer Offerings

Gary Caraccioli of Caraccioli Cellars grew up working on his family’s farm in the Salinas valley at the foot of the Santa Lucia Mountains. Gary and...

Featured Arizona Winery: Sand-Reckoner

Sand-Reckoner winemaker, Rob Hammelman, began his wine journey in Arizona in 2000 while taking a summer from teaching Humanities and Sciences to...

Hanzell Vineyards: Paving The Pathway With Passion

“By the early 1960s … a revolution in winemaking was starting. Its birthplace was in Sonoma County at Hanzell.” George Taber The Judgment of Paris...
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“Quench Fine Wines has their finger on the pulse of the Arizona market. They are proactive in communicating customer needs and responsive to our requests. We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Quench and consider them a highly-motivated, well-organized, professional team.”

Paul Hobbs

Owner, Paul Hobbs Winery

“The restaurant market is as competitive as ever. Having a top notch wine list truly is one of the elements that helps our restaurant stand out and stay busy. The great palates at Quench have delivered the finest and core wines to our award winning wine list for several years. It was, in fact, when we decided to explore Quench’s portfolio deeply that we started winning several wine list awards and wine sales have skyrocketed!”

Jay Wisniewski

Owner, Cafe Boa

“We are very happy to be a part of the Quench team and have their family be a part of ours. We are in good company as their management team has developed a portfolio reflective of the quality for which we strive. Quench has proven to be a valuable extension of our sales program and we look forward to long-lasting representation in Arizona.”

Dan Kosta

Owner, Kosta Browne Winery

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