If we had to put it in a nutshell, Vita Coco is an all-natural, hydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte coconut water! With five brands that cater to all ages and variations of flavors for each, there is a Vita Coco for everyone. Not to mention, they have a pretty great story that their consumers appreciate. Check out their “nutty” story here:

As you just learned, before Vita Coco, you would have had to use a machete if you wanted a sip of 100% pure coconut water. With Vita Coco, the machete has been taken out of the equation, which is good, because those things are dangerous. And now, all that’s left is Mother Nature’s most hydrating, refreshing, vitamin- and mineral-rich nectar. Hands down. Aside from the original Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water, Vita Coco now also offers the hydrating beverages infused with pineapple, peach & mango, orange, tropical fruit and NEW lemonade (made with natural lemon puree).


When you think of Vita Coco’s naturally hydrating coconut water, your second thought probably isn’t espresso. But it should be! Vita Coco combined the two, added a splash of reduced fat milk, and a touch of sweetness for an energy and electrolyte-stacked drink that makes your average cup of joe look (and taste) lazy. The Vita Coco Café Latte lineup includes Original, Vanilla and Mocha.


Vita Coco also offers a line called Vita Coco kids, with fun packaging and delicious fruit flavors that are a sure hit with those younger coconut water connoisseurs. These naturally fruit-flavored coconut water options include Paradise Punch, Very Cherry Beach and Apple Island. All of which are available exclusively at Target. Check out the Vita Coco Kids site here.


Vita Coco Natural Sport drink was created when the team from Vita Coco saw a need to keep you going when you’re giving it your all! They took their pure, hydrating coconut water and fortified it with restorative sea salt and Vitamin C in order to do just that. In 5 natural fruit flavors, including fruit punch, lemon lime, orange, dragon fruit and black cherry; it’s the best thing to happen to your gym bag since waterproof deodorant! Available exclusively at Target.


With so many uses for natural coconut oil, including a healthy cooking option or a beautifying hair mask, it only makes sense that Vita Coco would also have their own coconut oil to offer. Vita Coco’s coconut oil comes from the same groves as their hydrating coconut water. It’s great for baking and sautéing (bye, butter!) and adds a nutrient-rich energy boost to coffee or smoothies. As we mentioned above, they also swear that it’s great for thirsty hair & skin: a not-so-secret moisturizer & conditioner. Experiment with it in your recipes and beauty routine! #EatItWearItSwearByIt


To read more about the products in the Vita Coco pack, or to purchase one of their products online, visit their website here. Cheers to all you “nutty” fans out there!