Hello October! We are very happy to see you. And now if Mother Nature would just let the weather gods know that it’s time to start cooling down in Phoenix, we would really have something to celebrate! But, even better, the beer gods are smiling on us this month. Yes, we have Stone Enjoy By 10.31.15 IPA & Stone Enjoy After 10.31.16 Brett IPA already flowing through our great state, and this month we will see a highly anticipated collaboration beer release, along with some Quingenti Millilitre beers making their way to us and a fantastic seasonal making its sophomore appearance for our imbibing pleasures. Continue reading to get the full scoop on all of the #DevastatinglySpooky and fun things we have happening and releasing this month!

Arrogant Bastard Day- Saturday, November 7

SAVE THE DATE! We are working on organizing some fun events to celebrate the Arrogant Bastard’s birthday. For so many, Arrogant Bastard Ale was their gateway into craft beer, leading them to explore the rich tapestry of what the beer world had to offer. We will be out celebrating and exchanging personal stories of first time experiences with this monumental brew and reveling in the history of the Arrogance from all who have had liquid epiphanies thanks to this aggressive beast. Keep an eye on our Stone Brewing Co. in AZ Facebook page for all of the juicy details on where to join us: https://www.facebook.com/StoneBrewingCoInAz

Stone Brewing Company in Arizona Upcoming Releases:

Juli Goldenberg/Monkey Paw/Stone 24 Carrot Golden Ale

24 Carrot Golden Ale
Releasing in Arizona Monday 10.5.15

8.5% ABV

Every year, dozens of local homebrewers bring their “A” games to our AHA Rally & Homebrew Competition with their sights set on the prize: the opportunity to brew their beer on our 120-barrel brewhouse, and see it distributed nationally and entered in the 2015 GABF Pro-Am competition. Juli Goldenberg emerged as this year’s champion with her delicious version of a classic Belgian-style ale. As the name implies, this beer is richly aromatic and envelopes the palate with carrot-cake spices and subtle malt sweetness followed by a medium-dry finish.

Stone Brewing Company Crime

Releasing in Arizona Monday 10.12.15

9.6% ABV

Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Ale and OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale were
sequestered in Kentucky bourbon barrels, then blended with jalapeño, serrano and other chile peppers. The result is something unsuitable for the faint of hear, mind or palate. This is an extremely limited release!

Stone Brewing Company Punishment

Releasing in Arizona Monday 10.12.15

12% ABV

Months of aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels intensify this behemoth’s already massive flavors, while the unceremonious addition of jalapeño, serrano and other chile peppers morphs it into a truly punishing beer.
This is an extremely limited release!

Stone Coffee Milk Stout

Stone Coffee Milk Stout
Releasing Monday 10.19.15 (draft available 10.5.15)

5% ABV

From imperial stouts to IPA’s, we’ve discovered the tantalizingly roasty lift that comes from adding coffee beans to just about any kind of beer. This English-style milk stout proved the perfect foil for beans from San Diego-based Ryans Bros Coffee. The bitterness of the coffee is balanced out brilliantly by the milk sugar we used to add a touch of sweetness and creaminess to the stout’s smooth, easy-drinking texture. Cheers to the coalescence of two highly artisanal (and delectable) mediums.

Stone Double Bastard Ale

Stone Double Bastard
Releasing Monday 10.26.15

11% ABV

Originally brewed to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Ale debuted in November 1998 as an amped-up version of that already aggressive beer. A huge malt bill and an unreasonable amount of hops make this ale one that will be appreciated by only a few, and that’s just fine with us. We didn’t brew this dark amber monster to please anyone other than ourselves.

Stone Double Bastard in the Rye

Stone Double Bastard Rye
Releasing Monday 10.26.15

12.7% ABV

Rye whiskey melds midpalate with Double Bastard Ale’s colossal hop and malt presence, adding dimension to the beer’s already deep caramel-like flavors. This rare treasure is strictly for those processing the capacity to appreciate what many will shun (2015 Double Bastard Ale aged in Templeton Rye Whiskey Barrels).

Stone Brewing Company Southern Charred

Stone Southern Charred
Releasing Monday 10.26.15

12.7% ABV

A monster of a beer with a well-rounded assault of deep caramel, molasses, hops and brown sugar. Drunk new or years from now, it’s something special and the most graceful behemoth you’ll likely ever encounter. (Double Bastard Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels). This is an extremely limited release!