Cold brewed coffee is one of the biggest beverage trends of the decade, changing the way people enjoy their daily cup of joe. Instead of choosing between steaming hot coffee and a watered down, often bitter iced coffee, coffee lovers can now sip on a smooth, perfectly well-rounded cold brew. And now, cold brew isn’t just regulated to hip coffee shops and trendy cafes – innovative brands like Riff Cold Brewed are bottling up a little caffeinated magic of their own.

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A Cold Brew that Has Coffee Lovers Buzzing

It should come as no surprise that Riff Cold Brewed hails from Oregon, home to coffee
connoisseurs who aren’t afraid to challenge tradition. There’s no shortage of budding brands
looking to find their place in the ready-to-drink coffee category, but Riff Cold Brewed is coming
in well ahead of the rest thanks to their dedication to quality brewing and passion for celebrating
the incredible range of flavors naturally inherent in coffee.

Riff Cold Brewed currently offers four distinctly delicious bottled blends all brewed using only
two ingredients— fine artisanal coffee and Cascade Mountain water:
Arm in Arm® cold-brewed black coffee with natural notes of stonefruit and red berry
Off the Cuff® cold-brewed black coffee with natural notes of dark chocolate and toffee
Paint the Town® cold-brewed black coffee with natural notes of blueberry and bing
Southpaw® is a cold brew with half the caffeine of Riff’s other varietals with natural
notes of cocoa nibs and nougat

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An Artisanal Process Inspired by Innovation

Founded by industry experts and thought leaders, Riff Cold Brewed is a brand rooted in
creativity, innovation, and a passion for coffee. With the goal of redefining the brewing process
based on pursuit integrity and innovation, the team behind Riff Cold Brewed refused to settle for
status quo.

Traditional coffee is brewed with hot water, cold brew is made using – you guessed it – cold
water. This slow and steady brewing process takes about 15 hours resulting in a smooth,
deliciously refreshing take on coffee without the bitterness and acidity. The absence of acidity
and bitterness allows coffee’s natural flavors to shine through— something you can’t achieve by
simply pouring hot coffee over ice if you’re seeking a “cold brew.”

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Stock Up on the Best Cold Brewed Coffee on the Market

There’s no doubt about it – cold brew is the hottest thing to hit the coffee scene in a long time.
You have plenty of options for ready-to-drink cold brewed coffee, but why waste time and
money on anything but the best? Riff Cold Brewed offers four signature blends to choose from,
all celebrating the coffee’s natural flavors resulting in a lineup of deliciously unique beverages.

Each bottle contains a perfect serving of crisp, deliciously refreshing coffee and is wrapped with
an eye-catching label conveying a modern yet differentiatingly fun style. Between the expertly
brewed coffee, the unique flavor notes, and the hip styling that makes these drinks stand out, Riff
Cold Brewed has quickly become one of the top choices for in-the-know coffee drinkers.
Explore the full collection of Riff Cold Brewed products and find out how you can add this buzz-
worthy brand to your shelves by visiting their website today.

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