Zunft Kolsch


Zunft Kölsch

4.9% ABV

The Zunft / Erzquell brewery is 100% family owned. Kölsch is a local beer specialty brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is the only beer style in the world that is protected by an Appellation Controlee. Similar to the Appellation Controlee’s in France that protect styles of wine like Champaign, Bordeaux, etc. You truly cannot have a Kölsch unless it is brewed in Koln Germany. Kölsch is noted for its delicacy rather than for any more robust distinctiveness, but the legally protected denomination has helped ensure that Cologne and designated adjoining towns all make this style. No metropolitan area anywhere in the world can match that.

Zunft Kölsch uses an Ale yeast, but is lagered. This extra cold-conditioning gives the beer a very unique flavor profile. It gives the beer a subtle fruity nose common with ales but then gives way to a sweet layered complex finish that is clean and crisp like a lager. Bright and straw-yellow in color, this beer has a prominent but not extreme hoppiness.


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August 18, 2015