Veltins Pilsner


Veltins Pilsner

4.8% ABV

Veltins is brewed in Grevenstein Germany at the base of the Homert Nature reserve and mountain wilderness. Veltins is still 100% family owned. The small guesthouse brewery of Franz Kramer opened its simple wooden gates in 1824. Clemens Veltins took over the brewery in 1852. Since then the brewery has been under the control of the Veltins family all the way to today with Susanne Veltins running the brewery. Veltins is a brewery that applies modern technology with authentic traditional brewing techniques and wisdom.

The success of fresh VELTINS is based on two elements: the pleasant soft spring water from the hills around Grevenstein as well as the German Purity law of 1516. Using the best ingredients like pure malt, fine aromatic hops and strong yeast combined with a family recipe handed down for generations are the guarantors for the excellent taste of fresh Veltins.

Although the attention to tradition and the drive for innovation has help made Veltins the 7th largest brewery in Germany, in the end, it is about the beer. The Veltins Pilsener is the definition of a German Pils. Veltins believes in doing one bier and doing it right.

Veltins Pils pours clean with a pale golden body and a white pillowing head. Subtle malt and a grassy-ness fill the nose. The first sip bursts with carbonation and there is a very balanced soft note of malt and hops. The sweet malt slowly melds to a dry, clean, crisp finish that leaves the mouth begging for one more drink.




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August 19, 2015