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What’s in V8

From the veggies in the ground, to the hard working farmers who grow them, to the good people who turn them into the red juice you love, find out just what is in V8 juice.

Family Farms

V8 is a family affair. Which is to say, a lot of the veggies that go into V8 come from family farms. In fact, most of them do. In California alone, 90% of the farms that supply us with tomatoes are family farms. And many of those farms have been working with V8 for over 25 years. Like the Harlan family. That’s Blake in the picture (Hi, Blake!). Blake is just one of three generations of Harlan’s that currently work on their family farm.

The Veggies

It began in 1933, with a delightful fellow by the name of W.G. Peacock and his delectable juice of 8 blended vegetables. 82 years later, we’re still counting on those same varieties of veggies to make V8 tasty. From delicious, nutritious tomatoes, to the 7 others – beets, carrots, celery, spinach, parsley, lettuce and watercress. All our veggies are of the same quality as what you see on the shelves of your local grocery store. And in case you’re wondering if any of these eight veggies are GMO, the answer is ‘nope!’. Because the fact is, GMO varieties of these vegetables do not exist. Who knew?* The majority of our tomatoes come from within an average of 38 miles of our processing plants, arriving within 24 hours of being picked. Here they are washed, chopped and pureed. So we capture a delicious ripe taste.

Our Factories

Once all the tasty veggies are cleaned and processed, the good folks in our Napoleon, OH, and Paris, TX, facilities go about blending and bottling it. By using heat in the process, we remove the need for artificial preservatives in making V8. It’s important to us and we know it’s important to you too. That’s why safety, quality and care play into all we do. Because, every V8 factory is part of a larger community with roots that run deep. Like our friend Phil. Phil worked for V8 and Campbell for 30 years in Napoleon, OH. And when he retired, he went to work for one of our family farms driving veggies to our plant. Well you know what? We don’t get tired of seeing you either, Phil.

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March 15, 2016