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Marley Beverage Company was created in partnership with the family of Bob Marley, paying homage to their father and patriarch by launching and promoting a wide range of healthy, natural drinks.

Bob Marley is a global icon, a musical prophet, whose words and vision forever changed the world. His image and music evoke a rich legacy and emotional connection that transcends generation, ethnicity, gender, and geography. In today’s high paced, tech-driven world, Bob Marley’s message of UNITY, FREEDOM, PEACE, EMPOWERMENT and LOVE have never been more relevant.


Mellow Mood has got me, so let the music rock me. Bob’s lyrics speak for themselves when describing Marley’s Mellow Mood natural relaxation drinks. Created with a unique blend of natural herbs that help relax the mind, body, and soul, our products have quickly earned the reputation of not only being the best tasting and best working relaxation drinks on the market, but also great tasting beverages for any occasion. With four delicious ice teas and three lightly carbonated sodas, we feel, like Bob, it’s nothing but love, sweet love, darlin’.


Marley’s One Drop™ ready-to-drink blended coffee was created to honor Bob Marley’s true roots of farming and love of coffee. One Drop is brewed with select premium Jamaican coffee and other natural ingredients. One Drop is simply the best tasting ready-to-drink coffee on the market. Try it for yourself and you will probably feel the same way. As Bob once said…We feel it in the One Drop!

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March 8, 2016