Infuse Spirits Craft Vodka

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Infuse Spirits is made from hand-picked fruits, spices, and herbal ingredients. Unlike other brands of artificially flavored spirits, Infuse Spirts crafts exceptional all-natural infused vodka contained within an award-winning bottle. For incomparable taste, Infuse Spirits uses corn based vodka that is distilled five times, using multi-micro purified water and a state of the art filtration system. But it’s truly the ingredients that flavor the ultra-premium American vodka line. The result of this careful infusion process is the purest infused spirit on the market- with no added sugars, no dyes, syrups, or artificial flavors… and it’s 100% gluten free.

Unlike any other brand, Infuse Spirits hand places the actual fruit and spice into each individual bottle, creating the most authentically flavored spirit on the market.

Infuse is prepared from American corm, distilled five times, and uses micro-purified water. The vodka is naturally gluten-free, and is then infused with real, all-natural ingredients. Nothing artificial goes into Infuse Spirits.

Infuse currently offers five core products: Origin, Cinnamon Apple, Lemon, Peach, Mango Habanero, and Broken Barrel Whiskey. All products are made with all-natural fruits and spices, are gluten free, have low to no sugar and is made in the USA. The primary ingredient sources infused are Eureka Lemons (San Diego, CA), Freestone Peaches (Yuba City, CA), Coachella Valley Mangos (Coachella Valley, CA), Dehydrated Apples (San Joaquin Valley, CA), and Cassia-Cinnamon Sticks (Malabar Coast, India).

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July 6, 2018