Chihuahua Cerveza

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Founded in 2017 and brewed in the United States, Chihuahua Cerveza is “The Original Mexican-American Beer®.” We celebrate the convergence of two great cultures; expressed through the lives of a new generation who collectively come together and share in a vibrant and contemporary Mexican-American experience. For more information on the company visit or follow @chihuahuacerveza on Instagram.

The Aztec Empire discovered what is now the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The word “Chihuahua” is derived from the Nahuatl language meaning “The place where the waters of the rivers meet”, referencing the convergence of the two rivers, Rio Conchos and Rio Grande that join to form the U.S. and Mexican border.  The name Chihuahua serves as a metaphor for the mission of Chihuahua Cerveza. 

President of Chihuahua Cerveza, Phil Jamison, elaborates on the mission, “We are proud of the taste and quality of Chihuahua Cerveza beers, but our vision goes beyond that.  Beer is a common denominator we use to converge the greatness of both Mexican and American cultures and make positive impacts in our communities.  There is a new generation that cherishes both Mexican and American heritage and traditions, but also celebrates them in new, progressive and culturally relevant ways,” said Jamison.“Chihuahua wants to discover and elevate the young artists, innovators and tastemakers shaping contemporary Mexican-American culture.”  

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December 28, 2020