Cerveza Mexicali

On September 15, 1923, in Baja California, the Mexicali Brewery opened its doors and quickly became one of the biggest and solid industrial facilities in the Northwest region of the republic. After 50 years the brewery closed. Today, the same formula and packaging is brought back for the pleasure and enjoyment of beer enthusiasts all around the world. Cerveza Mexicali, now brewed and bottled by Cerverceria Mexicana, S. de R.L. de C.V., in Tecate, B.C. Mexico is a characterful lager. The product is formulated after the original German style brewing recipes dating back to 1923, in Mexicali, B.C. Mexico.

Cerveza Mexicali is a Pilsner type Lager, lightly fragrant and spritzy. The beer has more special hopping than others, with a dash of Crystel-Malt added to enhance its character. Cerveza Mexicali is fermented with pure culture yeast of the Genus Saccharmyces. The product is given more attention through handcrafting, as opposed to being produced in a large beer factory. The original formula is bright and deep golden yellow in color with an aroma of sweet malt, lightly floral and hoppy. The flavor of Mexicali Original reflects its hop bitterness; slightly sweet and a perfect balance of two row barley malt, Chinook, Mt Hood and Peerless hops that culminate to a very clean and semi-dry finish.

Mexicali light beer is one of two new additions to the Mexicali line-up. This beer is very bright and pale golden in color, with an aroma that is lightly sweet with obvious hops in the background. Mexicali Light offers the bitterness from the hops with a light, sweet malt, that is smooth, light bodied and has good carbonation.

Mexicali dark beer is the second addition to the Mexicali line-up. This beer is a beauty! Mexicali Dark offers a color that is a bright, clear, dark brown. The medium bodied dark beer has great carbonation and finishes with strength, along with a great after taste. The aroma is light and sweet, with pleasant toasted malts, and a slight coffee background. The flavor is a wonderful balance of roasted malt with a bit of sweetness and slight bitterness from the hops.

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March 3, 2015

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