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Think Outside the Barrel

These uniquely “finished” Bourbon, Rye, and blended whiskeys are crafted with a second aging of broken barrels using the staves of different barrels to enrich the flavors and depth of our whiskey.  We invented the Oak BillTM a composition of different oak types used to comprise the whiskey’s finish.  Given that barrels and oak are known to account for 80% of a whiskey’s flavor, it only seems proper that we assign the Oak BillTM term to our distinct process, and remain trailblazers for this process of whiskey making.

Using Kentucky Bourbon and Rye aged a minimum of 12 months, we combine three types of Oak (French, American, and Sherry Cask) and age for 30 more days. Our Bourbon and Rye are 95 & 105 Proof respectively, and available at Cask Strength 116 Proof.  Our newest entry is our California Oak Bourbon at 88-proof with an Oak Bill (ratio) of 80% Central California Cabernet Oak Staves and 20% new French Oak staves finished for one month.

The flavors imparted from contact with oak are what create the whiskey we love and enjoy.  Rather than put our whiskey into barrels, we instead explored what happens if we did the reverse.  Instead of finishing of our whiskey in barrels, we finish our whiskey with broken barrel staves.  We chose to put wood into whiskey – and the results speak are amazing!  Taste our methods.  Share our madness.

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December 22, 2020