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Boochcraft is an organic kombucha brewery that takes whole, premium ingredients fresh from organic farms and creates the happiest buzz on planet earth. We invest heavily in doing the right thing, especially when it’s hard, expensive, and inconvenient. Founded in San Diego in 2016, we brought CA’s first Hard Kombucha to life as an endeavor between friends. Now, our circle has grown to include friends in nearly 10 states – and growing.

 Our plant-based kombucha is brewed exclusively with real, organic ingredients. It’s never made with artificial flavors, purees, concentrates, or preservatives. Our fruit is sourced from organic farms, with whom we develop direct relationships (we’ve been known to show up as a team and help with the harvest ourselves — we just love farms!). We juice our fruit in-house in Chula Vista, CA, so you can always taste the freshness when you open a can of Booch. We invest in initiatives that support regenerative agriculture and hope that by making a great-tasting product, we can encourage people to make choices that are better for the planet.

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December 10, 2020