Aldersbacher’s has a rich history dating back to 1268 Germany. Originally brewed by monks, Aldersbacher initially did not leave the walls of the monastery. Alderbacher’s reputation proceeded its public debut, and by the 16th century the monks expanded the brewery. Over the centuries the Aldersbacher brewery has improved and modernized, and now produces 13 different brews.

Aldersbacher Kloster Weisse Dunkel is a Dunkelweizen, or dark hefeweizen, with a rich mahogany color and a ABV of 5.1%. Kloster Weisse Dunkel has a full body and long satisfying finish with flavors of caramel and fruit which provide a slight sweetness.

Brewed following the same traditions and recipes as the monks who originally brewed it, Aldersbacher Kloster Weisse Hell is a traditional German wheat ale. Kloster Weisse Hell has an initial sweetness with a hint of bubblegum flavor which finishes crisp and clean.

Aldersbacher Urhell is the classic beer of Bavaria and is the only beer served at Aldersbacher brewery’s pub. This golden pale color dazzles the tastebuds with bright carbonation, a slightly sweet malty profile, and a clean hop finish. With a ABV of 5.1% Aldersbacher Urhell is a Barvarian favorite offering a unique drinking experience.

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August 11, 2017

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