TRICK OR TREAT?!?!? All treats, no tricks here, we just wanted to update you and let you know that the Bastard Box will be available as of Monday 11/2! We also want to remind you that the illustrious Double Bastard Ale 3L bottles are currently available in Arizona. Tis the season to enjoy great beer and heck, if you’re friends are worthy, share some with them, too. We’ve got some great gift options for the craft beer lover and/or Arrogant Bastard in your life. We hope you enjoy the latest variations that we are sharing in the Bastard Box and we look forward to opening those Stone Enjoy After 10.31.15 Brett IPA’s that have been stashed in our beer closet for the past year.

Arrogant Bastard Box

arogant bastard box bothOne Box. Four Bastards. We’re unleashing our new espresso-enhanced behemoth, 2015 DEPTH-CHARGED Double Bastard Ale, and bringing back OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale, exclusively in this highly sought-after four-pack, which also features the liquid legend that started it all and its amped-up big brother.

The Arrogant Bastard Box contains one bottle of each of the following:
Arrogant Bastard Ale
2014 Double Bastard Ale
OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale- Exclusive to this 4-pack
2015 DEPTH-CHARGED Double Bastard Ale – Exclusive to this 4-pack

Double Bastard Ale 3L Bottles

double bastard 3l bottles

We look forward to sharing these with you all year long, and now they are here! We’ve put a lot of energy into creating not only some seriously awesome beer, but a seriously awesome package for you and your worthy friends. The Double Bastard Ale is the only offering this year coming in this format, and we hope you are as psyched as we are to share these with your beer pals.

Also available:

enjoy after 10-31 brett ipa
Stone Enjoy After 10.31.16 Brett IPA – This is a great beer to play with and explore the rare and wondrous qualities of Brettanomyces. This beer will mature over time, but hey, break the rules, crack one open from time to time and see how it is developing.

double bastard

Double Bastard Ale – Originally brewed to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Ale debuted in November 1998 as an amped-up version of that already aggressive beer. A huge malt bill and an unreasonable amount of hops make this ale one that will be appreciated by only a few, and that’s just fine with us. We didn’t brew this dark amber monster to please anyone other than ourselves.

double bastard rye

Double Bastard in the Rye – Rye whiskey melds midpalate with Double Bastard Ale’s colossal hop and malt presence, adding dimension to the beer’s already deep caramel-like flavors. This rare treasure is strictly for those processing the capacity to appreciate what many will shun. (2015 Double Bastard Ale aged in Templeton Rye Whiskey Barrels) 12.7% ABV.

coffee milk stout
Stone Coffee Milk Stout – This is our current seasonal offering that will run through Jan. 2016 – Brewed with Ryan Bros. coffee beans, this 5.0% abv coffee milk stout is a fan favorite and a welcome addition for All Hallows’ Eve and the cooler temps that are approaching.


Coming soon:

arrogant bastard day

Arrogant Bastard Day – Saturday Nov 7
For so many, Arrogant Bastard Ale was their gateway into craft beer, leading them to explore the rich tapestry of what the craft beer world had to offer. Each year we raise our glasses of liquid arrogance, in honor of another year coming of age. Melanie and Susan are planning some special events with some unique variants of Arrogant Bastard Ale and Double Bastard Ale to celebrate 18 intoxicatingly arrogant years .

There is still time to join in the fun and feature this ground breaking beer on its 18th year of existence. Please contact your Stone rep for information on what beers are available to support Arrogant Bastard Day. Check out our new Arrogant Bastard Brewing Co. beer and event finder to get all of the ridiculously arrogant details on already scheduled events. The more the merrier, there is enough #liquidarrogance for everyone!


sorry not sorry ipa
4 Hands/Bale Breaker/Stone Sorry Not Sorry IPA:
Stone is collaborating with two rising stars of American craft brewing who share our passion for the almighty hop. 4 Hands Brewing Co., is well known for their slew of innovative IPA’s and Bale Breaker lies in Washington’s Yakima Valley, where the co-owner’s family has farmed high-quality hops for four generations. They were the first to grow Simcoe hops, so leading with that piney, stone fruit-like varietal was a must. But collaborations are about uncharted territory, so puréed peaches were added top the fruit factor while experimental hops HBC 342 and HBC 344 were selected to introduce notes of berries, citrus, tropical fruit and grassiness to this envelope-pushing IPA.

xocovezaStone Xocoveza for the Holidays and New Year:
Our distinctive Xocoveza Mocha Stout, crafted to mimic the piquant flavors of Mexican hot chocolate, is back! This creamy, semisweet milk stout has pronounced tiers of chocolate, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. We’re releasing this beer just in time for that time of the year when the joyous spirit of giving is in the air and good behavior is generously rewarded.

enjoy by 12-25-15Stone Enjoy By 12.25.15 IPA:
Yes indeed, we feel it imperative to close out 2015 on a hoppy note, therefore, we bring you Stone Enjoy By 12.25.15 IPA! Your friends, family and guests will thank you!


Rare offerings from the cellar

Looking to impress your friends and guests this holiday season? Take a look at our list of recommendations from the cellar, aged to perfection and embodying the spirit of the season!

chai spiced imperial russian stout

2015 Stone CHAI-SPICED Imperial Russian Stout:
Chai spiciness – from the collective addition of black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and black pepper – These spices have begun to mellow quite nicely and will continue to develop over the years. Composed of many holiday spices and flavors, this is a divine treat for the winter months and a fantastic addition to any holiday menu.

imperial russian stout

2015 Stone Imperial Russian Stout:
Intensely aromatic (notes of coffee, roast, anise and black currants), this massive stout goes where few can. The only thing better than Stone Imperial Russian Stout is a properly cellared Stone Imperial Russian Stout. This beer has the ability to lay down for many years and now beer novices and aficionados alike can discover and enjoy the depths of this world class brew and the subtle nuances that develop over time.



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