We are thrilled to be welcoming Woodchuck Hard Cider’s newest edition to their Out on a Limb™ series! For those who don’t already know, Out on a Limb™ is a rotation of innovative ciders from Woodchuck. Truly rare and unique ciders are crafted at the Woodchuck cidery every day, whether they are fermenting in five-gallon carboys or aging and being tweaked to perfection. The only thing these ciders have in common are the creative artistry with which they are handcrafted, pushing the boundaries of cider and truly living out on a limb.

Out on a Limb™ varieties will range from sweet to dry and fall into one of the following categories: traditional (refreshing cider with no added flavors), fruity (pear-based ciders or ciders with added fruit flavors), spiced (cider infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, or other spice notes), aged (ciders that are conditioned in barrels or bottles to fuse flavors), and/or floral (cider infused with hops, citrus or other floral notes).

Lazy Hazy Lemon Crazy is a cider shandy – try saying that five times fast! At 4.2% ABV, Lazy Hazy Lemon Crazy is a semi-dry cider that falls into Woodchuck’s fruity category. The cider masters at Woodchuck took a spin on the traditional shandy and made it their own, starting with their small batch-hard cider and infusing it with fresh lemon juice and lemongrass. Crafted from common eating apple varieties such as McIntosh, Empire and Cortland; this well-balanced cider features a delicate sweetness upfront with a tasty tart finish.

There’s nothing better than being lazy on those hazy summer days in the Arizona desert. Feet kicked up, hammock horizontal, an ice cold brew in hand. As you take a swing and a swig, make sure your holding something refreshingly sweet and tart. Go Out on a Limb™ with Lazy Hazy Lemon Crazy this weekend. This summer session cider is ideal for your Fourth of July BBQ, floating down the river, or cliff jumping at the lake. Did we mention it is also pasteurized with no preservatives and naturally gluten free? Score!

The Out on a Limb™ series rotates styles every 45-60 days, so make sure to find a retailer near you (Total Wine & More, BevMo!, etc.) before the Lazy Hazy Lemon Crazy cider shandy is gone! Just to note, the 6-pack carrier always remains the same, but the bottles change with each cider, so check those neck labels for the cider shandy and raise a glass to going Out on a Limb™ this holiday weekend. Cheers!