From our humble beginnings in 1955, Hensley has been a devoted, committed and generous member of our community and state.  From our well-known charitable works with local organizations offering aid to children, elderly, homeless and less fortunate citizens, military, police, and many diverse populations in our state, to making sure that we represent local breweries and wineries in our portfolio of products, Hensley understands the importance of being a LOCAL FIRST company in the state of Arizona.

As we adjust to a new age that fosters outsourcing and a worldwide economy, we cannot forget the value of supporting businesses in our own backyard.  It is of significant importance to keep not only the economic growth alive in our state, but to foster the relationships and feelings of community that breed trust, quality of life, and product reliability here in our Arizona communities.

Hensley is a member of Local First ARIZONA (LFA) and one of our executives is a proud member of the board of directors.  The mission of this organization is to promote, support, and celebrate a vibrant and sustainable Arizona economy.

As part of Hensley’s effort to build our local economy, we are proud to sell the finest wines Arizona has to offer from Arizona Stronghold Wines and others including Caduceus, Dos Cabezas, Page Spring Cellars and Sand Reckoner- all wines grown from Arizona soil.

We also support our state by distributing craft beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages brewed, manufactured or owned in our fine state which include the following:

Arizona Craft Beers

Four Peaks Brewery– Tempe, AZ

Prescott Brewery– Prescott,AZ

Sleepy Dog Brewery– Tempe,AZ

Mudshark Brewery– Lake Havasu,AZ

Arizona Spirits  

3 Amigos Tequila (Arizona Owned)

Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Tequila (Arizona Owned)


Arizona businesses have an obligation to support each other to raise our state to new heights of prosperity, particularly given the current economic climate.  We firmly believe in the concept that, whenever possible, partnering with local businesses benefits the greater good of our state.