PHOENIX, ARIZONA, April 27, 2016– Hensley Beverage Company, widely recognized as Arizona’s leading beverage distributor, announced today the state wide distribution agreement with Three Wells Distilling Company, a Tucson, Arizona based small batch craft distillery. Hensley will have Three Wells brands available for sale to licensed Arizona retail locations beginning May 2, 2016.

Incorporated in 2013 by co-founders and Arizona natives Matt Montgomery and Chris Dudding, Three Wells Distilling set out to produce unique small batch spirits by using locally sourced groundwater and natural occurring Arizona ingredients. Three Wells Distilling produces all of their spirit ingredients and distills on property, producing first rate local brands that are honest to the Sonoran region and to Arizona. Three Wells is also committed to sustainability, providing spent ingredients to feed livestock, enhance compost, and recycling cooling water used in the distilling process.

“We couldn’t be happier to announce the partnership between Three Wells Distilling and Hensley Beverage Company,” said Melinda Dickinson, Spirits Brand Manager at Hensley Beverage Company. “The success that Three Wells has had in the Tucson area has been tremendous, and we’re excited to introduce this unique and quality distillery on an Arizona level. In addition, we are looking forward to introducing the Agave Spirit  right before Cinco De Mayo- the timing couldn’t be better.”

Three Wells Distilling Company has been recognized within the craft spirits community for its distilling ingenuity, in particular with the production of Sonora Spirits, a unique spirit that is produced from over 50% prickly pear cactus fruit. Most recently, the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau) recognized Sonora as a “Distilled spirits specialty”, a distilled spirit not identified under any other class. The TTB determines this classification of spirits with a “product definition [that] is unique to composition of the distilled spirits product.”

In addition to producing quality small batch craft spirits, Three Wells Distilling offers tours, distilling classes and tastings by appointment at their distillery, located at 3780 E. 44th Street, #120 in Tucson, AZ. For information on tours or tasting hours, please call 520.205.1363.

Three Wells Premium Craft Spirits to be Available From Hensley Beverage Company beginning May 2, 2016

Sonora x Silver, (Prickly Pear Fruit)

An un-aged, crisp, clear spirit with the unique flavor of the prickly pear fruit. Enjoy the aroma, try it as a straight shot or mix to create unique beverages with flavor like no other. Bottled at 80 proof (40%ABV) it can stand alone in a cocktail without the need for a Vodka back.

Sonora Copper, (Prickly Pear Fruit)

A more complex spirit, stave aged with charred American white oak adds in vanillas, caramels, over a base of prickly pear fruit. Agave Silver

An 80 proof spirit made by fermenting 100% Blue Agave Nectar sourced from Jalisco, Mexico. The Agave is fermented, then distilled twice with a stripping run followed by a spirit run. The Agave Silver is unaged.