AQUAhydrate® is a Southern California-based performance water brand founded in cutting-edge technology and science. Through a proprietary, multi-step process, our water is purified to some of the most rigorous standards in the industry, raised to an alkaline pH of 9, and then supplemented with blend electrolytes and natural trace minerals. It is this powerful synergy between alkalinity, electrolytes, and trace minerals that fuel ultimate balance, performance, and hydration vital for these Arizona summers.

Many of the processed foods and beverages we consume are acidic in nature. While acid production in the body is nearly impossible to avoid, it can have negative effects on the way we feel and operate. Bodies high in toxic acidic waste over an extended period of time experience what is called “Acid Tide” that can lead to loss of strength, decreased bone, muscle and kidney strength, as well as decreased vitality or energy. Many leading doctors and nutritionists believe that one key measure to preventing Acid Tide is to consume food and beverages with high alkaline metabolizing effects.




AQUAhydrate is designed to bring the body back to balance with a pure, great taste that fuels the performance of ones lifestyle, whatever that lifestyle may be. It is the water of choice for elite health and fitness authorities plus elite athletes and celebrities such as Sean (Diddy) Combs, Mark Wahlberg, All-Pro Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots, professional women’s basketball player and Olympic Gold Medalist, Delisha Milton-Jones, woman’s Rowing Erin Cafaro and countless others.

Fuel your summer lifestyle with AQUAhydrate. For more information on the product and where to find it, visit or follow along on social media by clicking hereCheers!