Hensley Beverage Company is proud to announce a statewide distribution agreement with Swish Beverages, makers of Babe Wines.


Social media personality Josh Ostrovsky, along with Alexander Ferzan and David and Tanner Cohen, formed Swish Beverages to market a new rosé wine in 2015. This wine concept had developed from a fictional Twitter character and later the female lead of a book series named Babe Walker, created by David and Tanner. With over 620K followers on Twitter, Babe Walker is relatable, easy to understand, and uncomplicated, exactly the mantra of the Babe Wines themselves. The driving force behind Swish’s choices is a desire to throw out traditional perceptions of hard to understand wine, and create a brand that is marketable, affordable, recognizable, and easy to drink paired with smart marketing content and social media.


Swish launched Babe Rosé with Bubbles in 2016, built for the Arizona sun with notes of honeydew, cantaloupe and earthy undercurrents. In 2018, Swish announced Babe Grigio with Bubbles, a medium-bodied sparkling Pinot Grigio with refreshing citrus, pear, melon and mineral flavors. 2019 will see the introduction of Babe Red, a vivacious red blend with the perfect balance of sweet and tannins.





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