Hensley Beverage Company is proud to announce the statewide distribution agreement with Famous Brands Merica Bourbon.  Merica Bourbon is a proud veteran owned bourbon made with the finest American grains and is based in Houston, Texas. Hensley will have the Merica Bourbon brand available for sale to licensed Arizona retail locations beginning January 1st, 2019.

Merica Bourbon was founded by Marine veteran Derek Sisson and Army veteran Daniel Alarik. After their service they both felt an entrepreneurial passion for business and giving back. Daniel is the founder/CEO of Grunt Style, the largest post 9/11 veteran owned company in the U.S. and Derek is the founder/CEO of Famous Brands LLC, a spirit brand holding company.

Merica Bourbon is proudly made in America with the finest American grains to offer you the cleanest, smoothest and best tasting Whiskey you’ve ever had. This veteran owned Whiskey is dedicated to the same pride and craftsmanship that made this country great.

Merica Bourbon unique mash bills are created in Lawrenceburg, IN at the former site of the historic Joseph E. Seagram’s Facility. Merica is distilled with water drawn from the deep, rechargeable ancient glacial aquifers of the Ohio River Basin. The Whiskey is then shipped to Charleston, South Carolina to reduce harsh-tasting congeners, leaving a smoother, more sophisticated spirit. Using ultrasonic energy and oxygenation after standard distillation, patented technology finishes incomplete chemical reactions from the fermentation stage. The process reduces several congeners (methanol, isobutanol, amyl alcohols, propanol) and converts certain harsh-tasting acids to smooth-tasting esters like glyceride. This creates a spirit with a smoother mouth-feel and dramatically enhanced flavor.


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Merica Bourbon was born from military veterans who wanted to share the great taste of bourbon and freedom. It’s all about the flavor. This bourbon is meant to be shared with friends, on the rocks or neat, reminiscing on the good moments in life.