In 1950, Jarritos — Mexico’s first national soft drink — was born. Made with 100% natural sugar, many of Jarritos’ 11 delicious fruit flavors are sourced from actual fruit trees available in Mexico’s fruitiest regions. The name “Jarritos” might mean “goat shoes” in German, but it also means “little jugs” in Español. And what do you know, the traditional fruit-flavored aguas frescas were served in clay jugs to keep them cooler longer.

Today, Jarritos is the best-selling, naturally flavored soft drink brand in Mexico and a sure favorite amongst consumers in America. Check out some of the delicious cocktails made with traditional, savory Jarritos flavors. Save one or save them all. They are a must-try this Spring Break!













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About Jarritos:
This popular soda brand started in 1950 by a man named Don Francisco “El Guero” Hill. Jarritos broke the accustomed soft drink standards in Mexico by introducing a large bottle of approximately 400 ml with a coffee flavored beverage. Shortly after launching the first Jarritos soft drinks in Mexico City, he developed a process in order to remove tamarind juice extract in order to create the first tamarind flavored carbonated drink in Mexico, now popularly known as: Jarritos Tamarindo. He went on to implement this process with other fruits, which lead to the creation of the beloved flavors: Mandarin, Lemon and Fruit Punch. The natural flavor of this carbonated beverage quickly became a sensation and today is known as the national soft drink of Mexico, which is currently available in 80% of the country, and has sold to other markets including the U.S. and South America. The Jarritos brand is currently owned by Novamex, which is a large company situated in Guadalajara, Jalisco and who also own other popular food and soft drink brands.