Summer in Arizona is here, and as the temperatures skyrocket, so does the size of our carbon footprint. If you’re looking for ways to be more environmentally aware this summer, try wine on tap! Some call it a fad, some call it the future, but one thing is for certain, wine on tap is the latest trend in sustainability and novelty in the wine industry. As a leader in beverage distribution and innovation, Hensley proudly distributes nearly 40 wine-on-tap selections throughout Arizona. (View our entire wine portfolio here.)

Wine-on-tap focuses on reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption through alternative packaging in the way that many breweries keg beer. The beginning of the wine making process is the same as traditional bottled wine, but differs at the barreling stage. Where traditional wines are bottled and corked, wine on tap is poured directly into stainless steel kegs. With this process, the carbon footprint is drastically reduced because there are no bottles, corks or foil and the transportation cost decreases. Along with cutting costs, it is of utmost importance to winemakers  to maintain integrity of the wine once it leaves the vineyard. Wine on tap also offers the benefit of less wine waste due to accidental broken or uncorked bottles during transportation. Using keg technology and practices, wine on tap is not exposed to oxidation until it is served, allowing it to stay fresh in the keg up to one year and saving bars and restaurants thousands of dollars annually.

So next time you are out and about in Arizona, try one of Hensley’s award-winning wines on tap and help preserve our earth’s precious resources.

Living sustainably, we’ll cheer to that!