Waugh Cellars

Each vineyard has something special to offer and through its unique characteristics alone, offers the chance to show itself in the wine with every vintage. Tending to these plots of earth meticulously, with the same level of care you’d show your own children (Hi Jordan & Carter!) enables the grapes to grow as perfectly as possible for the vineyards location. This is often referred to as terroir. It is as though the same grapes, given the same circumstances, could not be grown as successfully anywhere else in the world.

With all this attention to detail in the vineyards, the winemaking then becomes much more creative and free flowing. Well-maintained vines mean clean fermentations allowing me to focus on the wonderful characteristics of the fruit, instead of worrying about imperfections that could hinder the development of the wine as it matures.

Balance is always critical and the hallmark of all Waugh Cellars wines. If we can achieve this balanced fruit without the assistance of the winemaker, the flavors, mouth feel and structure will be bold and brilliant. This relationship of acid, alcohol and flavor in a wine is integral to a vintage’s success. And it’s this structure that I constantly strive for in creating Waugh Cellars wines before I will release them to you.

-Ryan Waugh, Winemaker

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April 17, 2015