Vias Imports

Vias Imports Ltd. provides its clients with access to the most ­comprehensive Italian wine portfolio by offering fine Italian wines that embody the distinct terrain and character of each Italian region. ­Particular attention is paid in the portfolio to the vast array of ­indigenous varietals found in the Italian peninsula, a rich ­patrimony that no other winemaking nation can claim. Our portfolio is a labor of love. It is a careful selection of Italian producers that reflects the vast diversity of Italy’s regions and the native varietals that call them home. With over 200 wines featuring native ­varietals in our ­portfolio, we explore the diversity this peninsula has to offer at the highest quality level by going beyond the standard Italian offerings of an American importer, crafting relationships with ­producers of differing sizes that actively preserve the varietals and winemaking traditions of their ­region by crafting wines of the utmost quality.

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April 17, 2015