Prichard’s Distillery

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Prichard’s Distillery

Founded by Phil Prichard in 1997, Prichard’s is the first craft distiller founded in Tennessee in the past 50 years. Using many of the same quality ingredients and centuries-old techniques handed down over five generations of the family, Prichard’s crafts the finest Tennessee Whiskeys and rums. Prichard’s Distillery is an award-winning producer of Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon, Double Chocolate Bourbon, Tennessee and Rye Whiskeys, Sweet Lucy and Sweet Lucifer Liqueurs, and a comprehensive range of aged, spiced and flavored American Rums. The company owns the original distillery based in Kelso, Tennessee, and a visitor’s center and distillery at the Fontanel Mansion in Nashville equipped with a custom-made Alembic copper still. Prichard’s is exclusively represented by national importer Aveníu Brands, based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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March 3, 2015