Paul Hobbs Selections

Pioneer, Trendsetter, Trailblazer, Prospector… One of the first California winemakers to focus on single-vineyard wines, Paul Hobbs took the challenge one step further by dedicating himself to crafting unfiltered and unfined wines, fermented with native yeasts.

His vision has resulted in exciting, structured wines that are rooted in classic old world techniques and, at the same time, are distinctly Californian in their expression. And, he continues to be a leader of Argentina’s ongoing winemaking revolution. Not bad for a farm boy from upstate New York.
Meticulous vineyard management followed by minimally-invasive winemaking techniques allows production of wines that express their vineyard origins with finesse, complexity and authenticity. Paul Hobbs wines are fermented with native yeasts, aged in French oak, and bottled unfined and unfiltered.

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April 17, 2015