Pacific Standard

“The Pacific Standard is collaboration between Charles Bieler (Bieler Pere et Fils, Charles & Charles, Three Thieves, Sombra mezcal) and Bruce Schneider (Schneider Vineyards, Schneider Selections, The Carmenere Project) with important supporting roles from Steven Solomon and Jim Neal (Chief Tasting Consultants).

Why are kegs important? “There are three key reasons. Firstly, by using a reusable container and eliminating the cost of glass/corks/foils/boxes and filling in bulk, we can reduce our cost of goods by about 20-25%. That’s real savings. In using a larger format reusable container we create no new waste (the reduce and reuse part of the three R’s). And lastly, wine in kegs with the proper gas systems are protected from oxidizing so for wines by the glass, the wines stay fresh for months. So often restaurants will either face the decision of either serving oxidized wines by the glass or throwing it away.”





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April 17, 2015