Lede Family Vineyards

Owner Cliff Lede, viticulturalist David Abreu, winemaker Kale Anderson and consulting
winemaker Philippe Melka have come together to form an unrivalled team, making the most of
this remarkable property.

Completed in 2005, the state-of-the-art gravity-flow winery boasts a berry-by-berry sorting
system and conical tanks commissioned using a design inspired by the tanks of Château Latour.
One tank per vineyard block ensures each lot evolves at its own pace and acres of caves with
single-layer barrel storage ensure access to each barrel at all times. No corner has been cut.
Breggo means “sheep” in Boontling, in honor of our place, a 203-acre farm just north of

The Craftsman house from the 1920s and random cluster of sideways-tilting
outbuildings once served as headquarters to one of the oldest sheep ranches in Anderson
Valley. For 150 years, sheep dominated the agricultural landscape of Anderson Valley. Sheep,
like the domesticated vinifera grapevine, occupy and even thrive on the geographic periphery
– places too steep, with soils too thin and climates too cold for other types of agriculture. Sheep
and vines flourish where the domesticated meets the wilderness. The margins. This is Cliff Lede.

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March 19, 2015