Hamilton Distillers

Hamilton Distillers is a craft distiller in Tucson, Arizona specializing in regional whiskeys.

In 2006, while drinking scotch and barbequeing with the mesquite scraps from long-time custom furniture company Arroyo Design, Hamilton Distiller’s founders had a thought. Why couldn’t they malt barley over a mesquite fire instead of a peat fire like they do in Scotland? Could they combine the Scottish model of whiskey making with the well-known aroma and flavor that Arizona’s native mesquite offers?

After years of learning how to malt, mash, distill and age whiskey, Hamilton Distillers are ready to release a small amount of our 3 Whiskeys Del Bac into the Tucson Market.

Hamilton Distillery makes these native Sonoran Desert whiskeys by hand and by distilling them in a copper pot still.

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March 3, 2015