Darioush Winery

Our story began centuries ago, in the seat of winemaking culture. It culminates here and now- a new intersection of wine and wine craft, extraordinary arts and time-honored customs grounded in an authentic tradition of graciousness.

Darioush is a story of the harmonious blending of traditions- a culture of graciousness and thoughtfulness and one rooted in the ideas of individualism and opportunity.

Nowhere is the connection between wine and culture more evident than in the history of Persia. Discoveries dating to 5,000 B.C. in the Zagros Mountains of Northern Iran shoe that winemaking emerged as permanent communities replaced nomadic life and a new age of wine culture began.

The history of wine accompanies the very concept of hospitality, inspiring art, poetry, culture and wine craft for millennia to come. Darioush Khalei was instilled at an early age with the wine making craft of his father, inspired by wine culture in the literary city of Shiraz- in modern day Iran- and the ancient city of Persepolis. He became a lifelong collector, seeking out old world wines infused with tradition and energized by modern technique.

Aspiring to the ideals of the American Dream, he immigrated to America to seek out opportunities others overlook. He was an entrepreneur determined to realize his dream, yet always eager to share his journey, through his love of wine borne from heritage.

In 1997,Darioush and his wife Shahpar founded Darioush and began to realize a lifelong aspiration to share the art, architecture, wine, craftsmanship and culture that inspired their journey.

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March 19, 2015