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“These grapes make a wine that reminds me of one of my favorite childhood indulgences‐Sunday morning glazed doughnuts with creamy custard filling…’comfort food’ before I even knew what that was. The first time I stuck my nose into a glass of this Chardonnay, it brought me back to that moment—and the idea for comfort wine was born.”

—Don August Sebastiani, Jr.

Our Wine

Our talented winemaker, Gloria Mercado–Martín, is known for crafting memorable white wines–Chardonnay in particular. With Custard, she captures what makes the North Coast so special. The grapes grow slowly, developing voluptuous aromas, rich flavors, and a creamy texture balanced by crisp, refreshing acidity. Made in a truly new style, Gloria preserves delicate fragrances and freshness with carefully managed stainless steel fermentation at lower temperatures using a specially selected yeast strain, and gentle stirring of the lees. 100% of the blend undergoes malolactic fermentation to enhance body and add a subtle creaminess that beautifully complements the bright, fresh fruit flavors of the wine. Once blended, the wine is aged for six months in new French Oak, which imparts warm toasty almond and vanilla notes.

Inspired by Donny Sebastiani’s favorite childhood treat–a glazed doughnut with a creamy custard filling–Custard Chardonnay evokes cozy memories with its extravagant crème brûleé, aromas and decadent tropical fruit flavors. Custard Chardonnay is truly comfort wine–rich, luxurious and creamy.

Opening with aromas fresh from the bakery, with hints of toasted almond and dried apricots. Flavors of pear and citrus intermingle with silky, smooth vanilla cream pie. Custard Chardonnay is complemented by a variety of dishes but we recommend pairing amongst Butternut Squash Ravioli and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables.

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August 15, 2017