Brovo Spirits

Brovo Spirits

BroVo Spirits started in 2011, with a vision to make real liquor from actual plants. Mhairi Voelsgen started the distillery and brought on Mac Kenney as Head Distiller to craft the products. BroVo started with five botanical liquers, adding Amaro in 2013, Vermouth in 2014, and Falerhum in 2015.

Working with bartenders in partnership to make products that they want to work with, BroVo started with the idea of making things with real ingredients instead of artificially created ones in order to make a better product. Just like bartenders who hand squeeze limes daily instead of using lime ‘juice’ that is commercially available, BroVo Spiritis uses actual herbs, spices, and fruit in their products.

BroVo Spirits distills, infuses, and blends their way to a delicious, truly handmade product that is rich and bold in flavor.

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July 7, 2015