Barrio Brewing

The brewery founded in 1991 by Dennis Arnold as Gentle Bens Brewing Co, and moved to the current Barrio location in 2007 to allow for growth and expansion.

Barrio Blonde has been brewed since 1991, same with almost all of the brands except Barrio Blanco.

Barrio is the oldest continuously operational brand and oldest brewery in history of Arizona maintaining the same ownership.

Steve Thompson (Quality Assurance and Head Brewer) – “I feel really strongly that for the size brewery we are we have a good handle on the canning process, comparable to other craft breweries our size.  We really focus on detail such as fill volumes, dissolved oxygen levels in the beer and seam integrity.  While no craft  brewery of a small size can be perfect when it comes to quality, we put a big focus on trying to maintain consistency of the those longstanding Arizona brands.”

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March 8, 2016