Aubert Wines

Our wine making process is carefully guided by a winemaker with a farmer’s heart and artisan’s soul.  The essence of making great wine is rooted in a relationship with the land – it’s about the soil, about growing, about nurturing, about farming.  We look to nature for guidance and to science for insight, as we craft wine with minimal intervention so a sense of place is elegantly reflected in every bottle of Aubert wine.  We believe the intellectual pursuit of winemaking has to be of the highest, most profound level of quality.

The Passion of Elegant Farming

Elegant farming.  This simple phrase describes our vineyard management style.  It involves creating out of the soil a luxury product, wine.  The ability to work in concert with the vines’ rythmic cycle allows our winemaking vision to come to fruition.

Appellations:  Sonoma Coast, Napa Carneros, Russian River, Rutherford

We are scrupulous in selecting the vineyards we entrust with the Aubert promise.  Patience is a cornerstone of wine; therefore, all Aubert Estate and contracted vineyards are established with a “Fifty Years of Production” expectation consisting of high quality, low yield grape harvests.

-Mark Aubert, Proprietor

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April 17, 2015