Alias Wines

Alias wines are made by Cult of 8, a young & hungry wine company based in a secret wine cave in northern California.  Our mission is to make really good wines at really good prices.  We don’t have a chateaux or give vineyard tours.  The only tasting room we have is a seat at our table, as long as you’re around when we fire up the grill.


We all had “real jobs” at big wineries when we first decided to start our modest venture.   It was kind of a secret side project for all of us, so Alias was an appropriate name for our first wines.  We kept our identities and sources as much of a secret as we could, working on Alias whenever we had time.  (Amazing what you can get done when you stop playing golf and wake up early on the weekends).   Once we started introducing people to our wines, it became apparent we were onto something.  In our first year, we were out of stock 4 times.  It wasn’t long before, some of us had to leave our day jobs so we could focus on Cult of 8 and Alias full-time.

Today, we still keep a pretty low profile and let our wines do most of the talking.  We try to keep our focus on making the best wines, for the best price we can.  We’re probably never going to get rich doing this, but if you’ve got good friends, good food, and good wines, then who cares?

Thanks to all of you who have allowed us to pursue our passion.

-Greg, Jonny, and Matt

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March 19, 2015